Dushka Novakovic

Reg Hypnotherapist, Bereavement Counsellor & Motivational Coach

DHP.Acc.Hyp Cruse Training in Bereavement

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Hi and a warm welcome. I'm a hypnotherapist, motivational coach & offer bereavement counselling as well. My own transformative experience of hypnotherapy inspired me to choose this career and I'd love to make a difference to your life with taylor-made programmes to improve your health and emotional wellbeing in a safe, empathic and non-judgemental space. I have also done training programmes at Cruse for grief/bereavement and as such offer you total support, understanding and compassion during your journey to recovery; this includes pet bereavement counselling. I work from the Chiswick centre and offer online bereavement counselling too. My hypnotherapy specialisms are anxiety/low self esteem, weight loss/emotional eating and providing support to students (18+) with pre-exam stress. Since Covid, there's been an explosion in mental health problems in all age groups, particularly young people who have suffered greatly from social isolation and uncertainty about the future. Loss has featured greatly and with it deeper questions about our place in the world and our inner beliefs. This can all be explored within hypnotherapy as it goes to the inner-most core of who we are. The self-development and empowerment of my clients is very important to me, thus i also offer motivational wellbeing packages.

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First and foremost, you matter. We are what we think, and how we feel about ourselves affects the choices that we make and how we make them. Our inner narrative is what guides us and it can make or break us, limit us in what we can do or elevate us and help us rise up from the ashes of self-doubt. This is where hypnotherapy can be a powerful restorative tool to help us take control of our lives, break negative habits and discover our new better self. So much of what hinders us is based on anxiety and low self-esteem,, which is why I specialise in them. Having worked in well-established counselling charities, I've seen the pervasive and damaging effects of anxiety and how it can destabilise self-belief, work, study, relationships and much more. Low self-esteem feeds into this and what we end up with is a vicious circle of stress, negativity, harmful habits and feeling overwhelmed. This is why I chose this particular specialism as it touches so many areas of our lives. Thus my therapeutic approach starts with empathy and really listening. having a genuine desire to help and deliver results. My therapeutic goal is to see transformation in my clients, resolution and hope. There is no greater feeling for a therapist then to see this transformation taking place knowing that it was their dedication and skill that helped achieve it. I also offer motivational coaching packages to individuals suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. My other specialisms are helping with weight management/emotional eating and offering hypnotherapeutic and analytical support to students (18+) experiencing pre-exam stress. Some of the other conditions I can help with include: . Addictions . IBS . Smoking cessation . Menopausal stress . Negative habits . Men's problems . Pain management . Insomnia . Releasing harmful relationships . Recovering from narcissistic relationships

Working for counselling charities over several years has given me significant insight into the issues that people are having to deal with on a day to day basis. It has meant that I'm very much in touch with the here and now, the massive rise in stress that's impacted people psychologically, emotionally and physically. Conditions like IBS, addictions and weight gain have increased and economic hardship has created an even bigger burden on society. Being an empath by nature and a committed professional, I love helping people overcome emotional and psychological adversity, helping them grow and become the individuals they want to be. Being a Brit of foreign heritage, I value differences and diversity so you'll always feel welcome whatever your ethnicity, gender or spiritual beliefs.

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